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Extend a helping paw to those in need!


People choose to become foster parents for a variety of reasons.  Some want to enjoy the company of a furry friend but aren't quite ready for the long-term committment of adopting, while others want to help as many animals as possible by bridging the gap between shelter and forever homes. No matter the reason, foster programs are integral to any rescue operation.  By fostering one animal, you save two--the one you are fostering and the one who can take its place at the shelter. 


Fostering can be an incredibly rewarding experience.  You provide the TLC and a warm bed to rest a weary head and the foster pet will provide a happy tail always grateful for your kindness and generosity.  However, fostering is a big responsibility.  Dogs and cats coming from a shelter environment can be very scared and will need time to adjust to living in a new place with new people and animals.


If you foster, you're never on your own.  Our volunteers are available almost every minute of the day to speak with you and talk through any issues.  We will also provide training if necessary, and pay for any veterinary care required during the duration of the foster. 


There's no better time to help a furry friend in need!




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